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Nihang Singh is Bored

Do you remember Nihang Singh? He has been on vacation for a while and was called back to help with the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival. Submission deadline is August 31st! Submit your video and win lots of great prizes! Read more at:

Transforming Sexual Feelings to Creativity

In this video Guruka Singh share his thoughts and tips on how youth (or anyone) can transform sexual energy into other means of creativity.  Download Video  Related Blog Posts Sat Kriya – Dealing with Sexual Energy (among other things)

Channel M News Interview about SikhNet (Vancouver)

Download Video During my recent visit to Vancouver, I had the opportunity to be interviewed for the Channel M News and talk a bit about SikhNet and the Youth Online Film Festival. Roma Kaur (Channel M Punjabi News Producer and Kaurs Magazine editor) wanted me to talk in Hindi/Punjabi, so I did my best to […]

Youth and Having Relationships/Dating

In this video Guruka Singh answers a question about Sikh youth dealing with the issue of dating, love, romance, sex before marriage and relationships.  Download Video 

Guru Nanak – Please Come Back

Todays video pick from the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival.    Brief Video Summary "Guru Nanak – Please Come Back" features a young Sikh boy named Bikram who although a reluctant believer in god has to finally seek his refuge to deal with the frustrations pent up within him owing to the ever increasing human […]