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Quotes on the Power of Woman

Quotes on the Power of Woman

Here are a few images that I made along with two that I found online, of quotes by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji (aka: Yogi Bhajan) about women.

The *Only* Secret of Beauty

These days too often we look outside of ourselves for approval and compare ourselves to others in a never ending search for beauty. Watch the inspiring video by my friend Guru Kaur (England) who shares beautifully her thoughts on the subject… You can spend $1000’s trying to be beautiful, but there is only one thing […]

Kaurs in Crowns

Here is an inspiring video about equality of women. Beautiful audio background music sung by Ravinderpal Singh (Shabad by Guru Nanak Dev Ji).

Women and Turbans

In the below video Shanti Kaur answers the question about why she wears a turban as a Sikh Woman, since in recent times most Sikh women do not wear it. She also speaks about how the women in Khalsa Panth stopped wearing the turban in the time after Guru Gobind Singh ji’s death. Download Video

Strength of Woman

Here is a video with my mataji Sat Kirin Kaur talking about the strength of women, how women can access their own power, and not follow the norms of society. Download Video

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