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When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine

When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine

It seems that these days I have been so busy I have opted for simple twitter/facebook posts of mobile pictures & videos, since I have not been able to post in my usual way on My usual mode with photography and video has been using good quality cameras, however it seems that these days […]

Information Overload and the Shabad Guru

Someone forwarded me an older youtube video that I think continues on the theme of my previous blog post. In the video there are many very interesting observations, however one of the things which I relate to on a daily basis is information overload. In the video they didn’t relate it that way, but it […]


These days there are so many types of apps that are showing up on the web and in technology to allow people to "broadcast" their life in all detail. On facebook and other social networking sites you can see at a glance what all your friends are up to. On twitter you can see the […]