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"The multitudes of maladies vanish by singing Gods glories. Peace reigns within by contemplating over the Lord. Hope is fulfilled by enshrining the Nam within the mind. No obstacles befall a person if they efface their self conceit." – Guru Arjan Dev Ji – Ang 520 SGGS. “Consciousness is always above time and space. When […]

Dust of the Dust of the Dust….

Over the years I have observed some characteristics that some Sikhs have taken on regarding an effort to reduce ego/pride. As Sikhs we are taught to not get attached to the five "challenges" of Lust, Anger, Greed, Pride and Attachment. In an effort to prevent these feelings I have seen some practices by Sikhs which […]

Sikh Dharam

Here is another inspiring and thought provoking Gurdwara lecture by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa from Sept. 10th 1989 – Los Angeles, California. Have a listen!  [Audio:] Download 

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