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My Mata Ji… SatKirin Kaur

I often meet people who know me and don’t know that my mother is Sat Kirin Kaur (and vice-versa). It’s always cool to make the connections of people that you know, but didn’t know were related. So, in case any of you had any doubts as to who my mother is you should now know […]

Strength of Woman

Here is a video with my mataji Sat Kirin Kaur talking about the strength of women, how women can access their own power, and not follow the norms of society. Download Video

Remembering a Shining Light

This past weekend we celebrated and remembered the life of SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (aka: Yogi Bhajan). This birthday event has always been a joyous occasion and serves to bring many people together. It is especially a great event for inviting the local community to learn more about us as Sikhs. There are normally quite […]

Family Pictures by my Friend Fiona

Earlier this summer a photographer friend named Fiona Aboud took some pictures of our family (in New York and in New Mexico). She is planning to create a book about Sikhs in North America and has been taking pictures in different places of Sikhs. You can see some of her photography and a few of […]

Charnjeet Kaur’s 1st Birthday

Today my daughter Charanjeet Kaur turned one year old! A few weeks ago she started walking and she is all over the place climbing on everything. It’s so much fun to play with her. It’s especially fun to see her interact with her beloved brother, Narayan. They chase each other and go into laughing fits. […]

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