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Are You Spiritual?

Are You Spiritual?

We often hear people say things like “Well, I’m not into religion, but I’m a very spiritual person” or, “he’s really very spiritual.” But what does it actually mean to “be spiritual?” It’s very simple actually, spirituality is our true nature. That’s because we are spirit. Our bodies fall away, our material possessions fall away, […]

Charter for Compassion

Here is an insightful video about religion, extremism, compassion, and how we need to unite and find commonality as humans on this earth. These points apply within the Sikh community, in how it is common for people judge others on how “good/bad” a sikh they are, and quite often fail to be compassionate and understanding […]

Losing Our History?

Today I was reading an article on SikhNet that was written by Amandeep Singh on the topic of Yoga and Sikh Dharma. It was quite interesting to read and think about his descriptions of how there used to be connections with Yoga and Sikhi. I know some might think this is "propaganda", since many Sikhs […]

One God

Here is a lecture by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa, from Gurdwara on June 18th 1989, on the topic of God and Religion.  [Audio:] Download  

How Science and Religion Come Together

This article was originally written in 1981 when I was working as a Research Associate in High Energy Physics at Ohio State University. Reading Rawel Singh’s recent article that he submitted to the SikhNet News reminded me of this article I wrote 27 years ago, and so I dusted it off and updated it for […]

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