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What is Humbleness (Nimrata)?

What is Humbleness (Nimrata)?

A SikhNet user asks the question about humility vs. being aggressive/strong. What does it mean to you to be humble? Where does the Saint/Soldier (Sant Sipahi) concept come into this? Often times people put up a "show" of humility for others….but what does it really mean to be humble? Guruka Singh shares his thoughts on […]

Dust of the Dust of the Dust….

Over the years I have observed some characteristics that some Sikhs have taken on regarding an effort to reduce ego/pride. As Sikhs we are taught to not get attached to the five "challenges" of Lust, Anger, Greed, Pride and Attachment. In an effort to prevent these feelings I have seen some practices by Sikhs which […]

Guruka Singh – The Five Challenges

Over the past many months we have received emails suggesting different topics for creating new videos with Guruka Singh and others. Last month I was able to sit down with Guruka Singh and record a bit more video. Feel free to email me with any other suggested topics for future videos. The topic of the following video […]