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The Birds

Today was another fun day at the beach. As we were sitting eating some sandwiches for lunch a few seagulls flew around us. We then threw a few chips and the next thing we knew a bunch were all over. Because of the strong wind they would just glide/hover right above our heads (just feet […]

Photo Blogging on Flickr

  Every day or two I have been going through pictures I have taken over the past 15 years and posting some of the unique and interesting ones up on Flickr. It’s always challenging trying to only pick a few and ones that I think are better than the rest. Trying to post more quality […]

God’s Paintbrush

This was another one of those amazing sunsets where the contrast between the rain clouds and the sun setting made for a dramatic scene. The colors and texture is beautiful. Shortly after this picture we got hit with really heavy rains all of a sudden. It was probably a flash flood somewhere. The front yard […]

More Clouds

Tree Climber Boy

We went to a play in santa fe and as we waited outside to go in Narayan climbed this tree.

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