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Women in Sikhism: Gender Inequality?

[photopress:Sikh_Women.jpg,full,centered] Today in Gurdwara as I was listening to the Gurbani and hearing the Guru’s words it made me think about the state of Sikh women in the world of today. One of my favorite Shabads (Bhand Jamiyai Bhand Nimiyai) relating to women was played by Snatam Kaur. I thoroughly enjoyed singing as the voices […]

Khalsa Women – Panj Piaray

In the communities I grew up in Sikh woman take very active roles within the community. Many of the woman coming from a western background made a point to get involved equally (or more) than their male counterparts. I think having grown up in western society there was the drive for equality for woman’s rights. […]

The Panj Piaray

Drinking the Amrit

Drinking the Amrit given by the Panj Piaray at the end of the Amrit Ceremony

Receiving Amrit

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