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Spirit Voyage: Spirit Fest Videos

Spirit Voyage: Spirit Fest Videos

Last month Sprit Voyage held a first of it’s kind Music festival called Spirit Fest in West Virginia (USA) in the Shenandoah Mountains. Participants spent three days chanting, singing and practicing Kundalini Yoga. There was a awesome selection of musicians participating at the event! I wish I could have been there. I had just returned […]

Summer Solstice 2008 – Audio Recordings

Every year during the 3HO Summer Solstice Event in the mountains of Espanola, New Mexico many of us enjoy hearing beatiful kirtan by so many talented musicians from many different backgrounds. I was able to record some of it to share with you all. It has taken me some time to go through the audio […]

Shabad Gurbani at Summer Solstice

One of my favorite things at Summer Solstice is meditating to the beautiful Gurbani Kirtan. There are always a variety of different musicians with variety of styles. There is something about being at Ram Das Puri in the mountains that is so special and sacred that makes it feel that much more beautiful listening to […]

Audio Recordings from Summer Solstice Week

Many people have requested audios from the week of the Summer Solstice camp, so here are a few for you all. If you haven’t already downloaded the mp3s by Ustad Narinder Singh and Murli Manohar (teachers of Chardikala Jatha) I suggest that you check those ones out too! The first set of audio clips are […]

Union of Friends

I recently received a wedding invitation from two of my close friends, Siri Amrit Singh and Nirinjan Kaur, who are getting married this June (Right after the Summer Solstice camp here in Espanola, New Mexico). They are such a beautiful couple :) Siri Amrit Singh lived with me and my wife Arjan Kaur for a […]

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