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Sahaj Singh

On Thursday October 2nd, a good friend of mine, Sahaj Singh was stabbed nine times confronting an intruder in the garage of his home.  The assailant was attempting to gain access to his wife’s vehicle after his wife and two young children had returned home.  Sahaj Singh sustained nine knife wounds, including one that punctured […]

The REAL SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival

In case the 3rd Annual SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival wasn’t on your mind, the submission deadline just passed. This year I got seriously nervous!! EVERYONE literally waited till the very last day to submit their videos. Before the deadline we only had ONE video submission. I thought we would have to cancel the event. […]

Mexican Prisons Turn to Kundalini Yoga

Here is cool news report by CNN about Inmates at prisons in Mexico (the country Mexico, not "New Mexico", USA) being taught Kundalini Yoga as a form of rehabilitation. These teachers as you might recognize in the video stand out with the white turban and clothing and are a product of the teachings of SSS […]

Kenneth Cole – The Sikh

"We all Walk in Different Shoes" A few days ago, Kenneth Cole unveiled one of his new ads on a wall of Rockefeller Center in New York City. The model is, surprisingly, a sardar. The campaign features Sandeep (aka: Sonny) Caberwal as a Sikh and in the below video he explains about being a Sikh […]

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