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Natural-gas shortage cuts heat for 25,000

Natural-gas shortage cuts heat for 25,000

Yesterday morning I was at the SikhNet office working and noticed how it was unusually cold. After further investigation I realized that there was no gas….and therefore no heat for the office. I didn’t quite understand the impact of this till later in the day when I found out that there were natural gas outages […]

Barack Obama Visits Our Little Town of Espanola, NM

Today something totally out of the ordinary happened here in our little town of Espanola, New Mexico. We had a presidential candidate (Barack Obama) come to New Mexico, specifically to talk to the residents of Espanola area! Apparently in previous presidential elections the state was won/lost for the different political parties by a small margin […]

Bollywood Star Craze in New Mexico

Last week I wrote about my chance encounters of the filming of one of the upcoming bollywood movies called "Kites", which was being filmed here in New Mexico (USA). Tonight I got a taste of the star craziness that seems to be common when it comes to film stars like Hrithik Roshan. A Sikh friend […]

Vaisakhi Celebrations in Espanola New Mexico

The Baisakhi celebrations were yesterday were wonderful! It started with a delicious breakfast for the whole sangat hosted by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur at the Ranch and then from there we had a larg Nagar Kirtan procession all the way to the Gurdwara. Here are some pictures from yesterday’s vaisakhi celebrations. The entry way to the […]

To wake or not to wake: Summer Solstice Sadhana in NM

Here is a cool article that someone wrote about their experience of waking up in the early morning and participating in the daily sadhana at the Summer Solstice event that happens every year here in beautiful New Mexico. If you have been thinking about coming it’s definitely not too early to start planning! Join us […]

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