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Beautiful New Music from Bachan Kaur

Just released are two beautiful new CDs from Bachan Kaur (Vancouver, Canada). Her music is very meditative and etheric. Her sweet innocent smile, soft voice and acoustic guitar just relaxes you and puts you in a meditative and calm space. Not only does she create beautiful music from the heart but a creative artist. You […]

JAMTSE: Love and Compassion

During my days of going to boarding school in India and as a youth, one of the things which stood out was the Tibetan people that lived in the area as a result of being displaced from Tibet. In the hill town of Mussoorie (where my first school was) there were quite a few tibetan […]

Latest Audio Picks

Been "treading water" these days trying to keep up with everything going on, but after a few emails from people wanting some more audio and lectures I managed to sort through some of the raw recordings that have been piling up. Here are a few recent ones to listen to….

New Audio Track by Balvinder Singh (Australia)

I just got a beautiful new audio track from Balvinder Singh (Australia wale) which is titled "The Sweet Song". The actual words are from the shabad by Guru Arjan Dev Ji: "Jo Mangeh Thakur Apne Thae". The vocals are by Harinder Kaur. You can hear some other music by Balvinder Singh that I have posted […]

Affirmation for the Soul

by Snatam Kaur  The sun was beautiful, shining warmly on the Los Angeles neighborhood nestled between the two busy streets of Fairfax and Beverly. I was using some free time between recording sessions on my upcoming children’s album to take a walk.  One of my favorite things to do is look at houses and lawns.  […]

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