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Remembering Satya Amrit Singh

Remembering Satya Amrit Singh

(leer en Español) Earlier this year I was blessed to have become friends with a special person whose name is Satya Amrit Singh from Chile (South America). It saddens me hearing the news of his sudden passing today. I was shocked this afternoon when I heard that he had passed away in his room at Miri […]

Sikhs of South America

Sikhs of South America

Going through my every day life there are times when I get caught up in this cycle and forget about the gifts that I have. No matter what our origins are it is normal to sometimes not recognize the beautiful things that we have in our life.  Over 35 years ago my parents and many […]

Spreading the Guru’s Light in South America

  It is so amazing to hear the stories of the group of Sikhs that are traveling all over South America on the fourth Guru Ram Das Lord of Miracles Tour. They are not just any group of Sikhs though, since I know them all personally. Quite a few of them are from our little […]

Guru Ram Das, Lord of Miracles South America Tour – 2006

On October 2, 2006 the fourth Lord of Miracles Tour, in Honor of Guru Ram Das, began in South America.  This year’s tour will cover twelve cities in nine countries throughout all of South America and Mexico.  Envisioned by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, this year’s tour is covering Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brasil, […]

The Sikh On the Street

These days most of us have to deal with discrimination and mistaken identity, because we visibly look different being Sikhs (Especially those people that wear turbans). Most people see the turban and think we are "middle eastern" or Muslim. They don’t have a clue that we are Sikhs which is a distinct religion from India […]

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