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What is Khalsa?

What is Khalsa?

When you are no longer the witness; when you are no longer holding out for a peek to see if you are ‘OK’ . . . you are then ‘OK’ to the ‘n-th’ degree. Unaware of all that you might be; you are simply employing life-force (Prana) as a means of being. All that you […]

Strength of Woman

Here is a video with my mataji Sat Kirin Kaur talking about the strength of women, how women can access their own power, and not follow the norms of society. Download Video

Vaisakhi Celebrations in Espanola New Mexico

The Baisakhi celebrations were yesterday were wonderful! It started with a delicious breakfast for the whole sangat hosted by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur at the Ranch and then from there we had a larg Nagar Kirtan procession all the way to the Gurdwara. Here are some pictures from yesterday’s vaisakhi celebrations. The entry way to the […]