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Mata Jito Ji and Guru Gobind Singh

Here is another one of the stories by Shanti Kaur Khalsa from the Jaap Sahib Course about Guru Gobind Singh ji’s wife Mata Jito Ji. Download: Audio / Video 

Where the Sun Sets

During the Jaap Sahib course here in Espanola earlier this month, Gurutej Singh (founder of Akal Security) started his class with a poem from his poetry book titled "Children of the Cusp". The book is a collection of poetry describing life on a spiritual path in this modern age, here in the west. The poems […]

The Singhnia (Sikh Women) of Guru Gobind Singh

During the Jaap Sahib course here in Espanola, New Mexico Shanti Kaur Khalsa taught an inspiring class titled "The Singhnia of Guru Gobind Singh". This was a 1.5 hour class which might be a bit long for you to watch at a stretch so I have taken this class and edited it into different portions […]

Sadasat Simran Singh – Why I am a Sikh (in Punjabi)

 Here is the third short video interview with Sadasat Simran Singh (Chardikala Jatha). In this video he shares in Punjabi why he is a Sikh and chose to live is life on this path. Download: Audio / Video

Punjabi Interview with Chardikala Jatha about Bana

We just finished an amazing 4 days of the Jaap Sahib course here in Espanola, New Mexico. You all missed a good thing! We even had quite a few people come from as far as England! Those of you who missed it are in luck, because I recorded some of the happenings, and over the […]

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