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Aspects of God from Jaap Sahib (and T-Shirts)

Today I was planning to stear clear of the computer, but in another streak of inspiration I got sucked into the computer again in an effort to use Gurbani in a visual way. I first tried to see if I could generate one of these images from all the words in the Siri Guru Granth […]

Akal Takhat and Deathlessness

In this video Shanti Kaur shares some inspiring words. She talks about the Akal Takhat and how it was attacked by the Indian Army June 6th, 1984 and thousands of Sikhs were brutally killed. She explains why many of us celebrate this day as the Martyrdom of the Akat Takhat and gives an explanation about […]

Protecting Dharma

Chardikala Jatha start off reading from the autobiography of Guru Gobind Singh, and then talk about the 10th Guru’s stance on protecting all religions. Download Video

Yoga and Sikhism

Jugat Guru Singh and Sadasat Simran Singh (Chardikala Jatha) share their thoughts on the relationship of Sikhi and Yoga. Many of us who are Sikhs don’t realize the many close ties and things in Sikhi that are in fact Yoga. Many Sikhs think of Yoga in a negative way because they associate it as a […]

Marijuana and Nihangs

Most Sikhs have heard of Nihangs and their usage of marijuana/sukha/bang/etc. But most don’t know why, and that in the pure tradition of the Nihangs this plant was a tool in the warrior tradition of the Sikhs. Many just hear about Nihangs using it and think that they are abusing this drug. During last years […]

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