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Information Age & Relationships

Information Age & Relationships

"This is the Information Age – everybody can be informed about anything and everything.  There is no secret, therefore there is no sacredness.  Life is going to become an open book.  When your computer is more loyal, truthful, informed and excellent than you, you will be challenged.  You do not have to compete with anybody.  […]

Information Overload and the Shabad Guru

Someone forwarded me an older youtube video that I think continues on the theme of my previous blog post. In the video there are many very interesting observations, however one of the things which I relate to on a daily basis is information overload. In the video they didn’t relate it that way, but it […]

Swimming in Distractions

A few days ago my battery died and I had to get a jump start from someone else to start my car. I was in such a rush to go to an appointment that I accidentally put the jumper cables on the wrong terminals so red went to black and black to red. If you […]