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Sikh Classifieds

Most of you have probably posted a classified ad in your lifetime to sell something, find some service or sell something. Well, lately I have received more and requests from people to have a place to post misc. messages about jobs, events, things people want to sell, etc. We haven’t really had a place for […]

Easy Way to Educate the World About Sikhs

Yesterday I made some "Wordles" for the SikhNet project ideas page, but then I got another cool idea this morning using the same tool. Most of us wear clothes whenever we are out in public (at least I hope you do!). Many of us wear T-Shirts, so why not use this as a means to […]

SikhNet Brainstorm – Give Us Your Ideas!

One of the great things (among many!) about working at SikhNet is coming up with new fun stuff for SikhNet to do. Lately we’ve been brainstorming possible projects for SikhNet for 2009-2010 and we’d like to include you in our brainstorm! So, we’ve decided to share our current ideas with you so you can give […]