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Gurujot Singh and the Epic Movie

Well, it was just another friday and it was almost time to head home. After watching the film festival video "Teen Puncture" I thought how funny it was to see so many different credits at the end of this movie. I guess he had a whole crew of people helping. So I thought it would […]

Bhangra Workout With Ravi

Ravi Kaur, who is one of my long time friends, just came out with new DVD which will teach you how to do the desi Bhangra moves and get a great physical work out at the same time! Many of you might know a bit of Bhangra, and some might be "experts". Either way I’m […]

There is No Hiding from Nihung Singh!

Warning! Read the following before Proceding! If you choose to watch the following video you will have to make a video for the SikhNet Online Youth Film Festival; Otherwise Nihang Singh will not let you sleep and will come to your house just like in this video! You have been warned, proceed with caution….. Ok, […]

Taco Bell Drive Up – SikhNet Online Youth Film Festival

Ok, the last video I had already posted on the SikhNet home page about a week ago, so I might as well get caught up in both places. Here is one of the videos (mentioned in the previous blog post) about the Youth Online Film Festival. (I’m not good at holding stuff back that is […]

SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival – Promo Videos

A couple of weeks ago I was in Washington D.C. for the day staying with my friend Sartaj Singh Dhami. You might know him from some of the videos he has posted online (Gatka Experimentation or Sikh On the Street). Anyways, during my quick visit I thought it would be great to do some short […]

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