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Mustache Mugs

Mustache Mugs

Before today I had never heard of such a thing as a mustache mug/cup! The mugs have a ceramic piece across the top to hold the mustache in place while you’re drinking! However, now that I think about it it is a pretty cool "invention". These particular ones are from a company called Shanware Pottery […]

Uncle Guruka Singh is Watching You…

Here at SikhNet we’re always trying to come up with fun ideas to encourage YOU to make that "click" to become a SikhNet supporter so that we can continue to serve YOU.  In case you haven’t met Guruka Singh, here is your chance. Guruka Singh is stuck in your computer and wants to have word […]

Sikhnet Film Festival Chinese Promo

The tragic story of a son who failed horribly at Last Year’s Sikhnet Film Festival, but now realizes he can record another film, for this year’s Sikhnet Youth Online Film Festival. Thanks to Guruka Singh for the humorous video idea and script! Please forward the video to all your friends and make a video for […]

What’s your poo telling you?

There are facts of life which we don’t normally talk about publicly, and one of them has to do with something that we all do every day (at least if you are healthy and regular). Ok, I know this is going to be a far throw from my normal blog posts. Don’t expect any cute […]

SikhNet Choices

Here is the latest in the SikhNet FUN-Raiser. This is a fun video that me and Gurujot Singh put together. The video is a spoof on Gurujot’s video titled: "Choices", and was a submission for the 2007 SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival. Many of you have been browsing and seeing the different messages throughout […]

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