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The Body Temple

Guruka Singh talks about balance with what we eat and how we see our body. He talks about the 3 legs which the stool of life stands on; mind, body and spirit. Download Video  

How Do I Handle All This Stress?

Most of us talk about spirituality and Sikhi, but do we spend time to take care of our health and body?  My friend Dr. Gurusahay Singh, who runs GRD Healing Arts Clinic periodically sends out tips and health information to his patients. Here is the latest, with valuable tips and suggestions to help you deal […]

Taking Care of Mother Earth – A Conscious Kitchen

Article by Gurmeet Kaur (Atlanta, Georgia) While ‘global warming’ has become the most debatable and trendy topic amongst thought leaders, politicians, activists and elites around the world, obvious changes in the climate, drowning of the polar bears, unprecedented pollution and epidemic increase in the number of diseases have forced a common person to think about […]

Meet your Meat…

Ok… I just came across this video and thought I would share it with you all. I’m not trying to give a guilt trip to those people that eat meat, but I think is important to be aware and know the reality of inhumane treatment; To know what happens to animals before it ends up […]

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