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Sarab Nirantar from So Purkh

Earlier this summer a new CD came out by Sat Hari Singh (Germany) called "Servant of the Heart". Sat Hari Singh just came for a visit from Germany for the Khalsa Council Meetings here in Espanola, and he gave me a copy of this CD. On this CD my friend Hari Bhajan Kaur sings along […]

Sunrise Pictures in Espanola with Hari Bhajan & Sat Hari

This past Saturday morning after Sadhana myself, Hari Bhajan Kaur and Sat Hari Singh (Germany) walked up onto the top of one of the hills which is near the Gurdwara. Our purpose was to take some pictures which Sat Hari Singh could use in a German promotional booklet for his new CD called "Servant of […]

Mul Mantra Intro

It’s been a while since I posted any audio from Gurdwara. Here is a beautiful audio clip by Hari Bhajan Kaur from yesterday (with Gurujot Singh on Dilruba). Download; set your player on repeat; and relax to the soothing sounds. [Audio: – non traditional/hari bhajan kaur/Hari Bhajan Kaur – Mul Mantra Intro.mp3] Download 

Latest Kirtan by Hari Bhajan Kaur

While I was away in Los Angeles this past weekend, my computer faithfully recorded the audio from Gurdwara, as it does every Sunday. Here are two live recordings of Hari Bhajan Kaur playing Kirtan. Ajai Alai (Ek Achhri Chand from Jaap Sahib) [Audio:|loop=yes] Download  Prabh Mera Antarjami  [Audio:] Download Ik Ardas Baat Kirat Ki  [Audio:] […]

Drawn to the Feet of the Guru

This past Sunday my wife Arjan wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed home while I took my 8 month old daughter Charanjeet Kaur and son Narayan Singh to Gurdwara. I like to sit right up front in the Gurdwara by the Guru where the kirtan is played. I find that I don’t get distracted as […]

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