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Your Mind as the Enemy

Your Mind as the Enemy

Every Sunday during Gurdwara we listen to an inspirational lecture related to Sikhi. The talk was about "Anand" and "Sikh Dharam". I have heard this lecture many times but it always make me think and inspires me. I edited the audio down to a shorter 10 min excerpt for you to listen to. (or you […]

Poetry Inspired by Guru Gobind Singh ji

In the Summer of 2007 I wrote about my experience of Taking Amrit.  Anyone who has taken Amrit (Sikh Baptism) knows how this experience can change you and how you relate to the Guru. On the day that I took Amrit another daughter of Guru Gobind Singh was born (Amritpal Kaur)! I know for many […]

Akal Takhat and Deathlessness

In this video Shanti Kaur shares some inspiring words. She talks about the Akal Takhat and how it was attacked by the Indian Army June 6th, 1984 and thousands of Sikhs were brutally killed. She explains why many of us celebrate this day as the Martyrdom of the Akat Takhat and gives an explanation about […]

Protecting Dharma

Chardikala Jatha start off reading from the autobiography of Guru Gobind Singh, and then talk about the 10th Guru’s stance on protecting all religions. Download Video

Vaisakhi Celebrations in Espanola New Mexico

The Baisakhi celebrations were yesterday were wonderful! It started with a delicious breakfast for the whole sangat hosted by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur at the Ranch and then from there we had a larg Nagar Kirtan procession all the way to the Gurdwara. Here are some pictures from yesterday’s vaisakhi celebrations. The entry way to the […]

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