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The Virtual Gurdwara and Change

  Sometime this past week I had put the live local Gurdwara video broadcast on the television (I have a computer connected to my TV system so can listen to music on the stereo and watch live internet video broadcasts). For our family this wasn’t a very unusual thing to be able to tune into […]

Guru Ram Das Gurpurb Morning Kirtan

A few pictures from the Kirtan this morning to celebrate Guru Ram Das Ji’s Birthday. Click on the pictures to view them large.

Celebration of Arriving Souls

This weekend we celebrated the arrival of new souls joining into our community. It seems that the next "wave" of babies are on their way. My friends Guruprakash Kaur and Guru Darbar Singh along with Satmittar Kaur and Satguru Singh are both pregnant and preparing for new children in their families (along with Snatam Kaur […]

Vaisakhi Celebrations in Espanola New Mexico

The Baisakhi celebrations were yesterday were wonderful! It started with a delicious breakfast for the whole sangat hosted by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur at the Ranch and then from there we had a larg Nagar Kirtan procession all the way to the Gurdwara. Here are some pictures from yesterday’s vaisakhi celebrations. The entry way to the […]

The Gift of Ishnaan Seva in the Guru’s House

Years ago marble was installed on the floors and base of the walls in the Gurdwara here in Espanola, New Mexico. Ever since then it has become a beautiful weekly get together to clean the Guru’s House. I used to hear about it from Prabhu Singh and a few others (Sat Bachan Kaur) who were […]

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