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Giving from the Heart

Giving from the Heart

This past 3 day weekend I have been hard at work in my back yard doing some major gardening in a race before the fall/winter frost. I love this hard physical labor which is like therapy for my wrists/arms/body which is normally sitting in front of a computer every day. I spent all day digging […]

The Power of Dasvandh

As Sikhs of the Guru, we understand the power of giving one tenth of our earnings back to the Guru. So what is the secret of the tenth part?  Guru Gobind Singh, our Tenth Master, told his Sikhs that one tenth of the earnings we receive does not belong to us but it belongs to […]

Capacity to Give and Take

Here is a quote that I typed up a week or so when I was watching the video that I posted earlier about the mind. I thought it was very relevant and worth sharing, since most of us don’t always relate to giving, and what the reasons are that we do this as Sikhs. "You […]