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Gurumustuk Hip-Hop Musician?

Gurumustuk Hip-Hop Musician?

Yesterday I saw this cool set of videos which used something called "Auto-tune" software to change the pitch of a normal voice to match the pitch of the music. As I watched the set of "Symphony of Science" videos it was inspiring and interesting to note how differently my brain responded to the knowledge being […]

The Yogi

In India at the time of Guru Nanak, there were many yogis.  They lived alone, they did not marry, nor did they work for their living. They lived in meditation caves, wore coats made from many rags patched together (to indicate poverty) large earrings (to indicate that they heard only the Word of God) and […]

Victory March

Victory March        (Charat Charain) The Waves of Life roll on … No one can ever stop them. Life marches onwards … There is no one who can stop it. The Cosmic Laws of Life, Come from the Heavenly planes. Who could ever tire of living a Life like this? But there are many travellers […]


Here is yet another poem from "Furmaan Khalsa" by Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji. Some of the poems in this volume are so short and simple, and yet they are also very profound and deeply touching. Let me know if you enjoy them, and if so, I’ll keep on posting some more […]