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From Friends to Enemies

"Can you tell me a situation where you have an absolute friendship with somebody and then within one week you are enemies?  What happens?  A fight begins on a pursuit of an idea which is totally towards gaining a personal advantage and there is no mutuality or harmony.  Anything which has no mutuality and no […]

The Wedding ScrapBooth

This past weekend four of my friends got married and people came from all over the place to be there for this beautiful double wedding. After the wedding we had a fun reception in the evening, but one thing which was different for me was "The Scrapbooth". Basically you pay for this company to bring […]

Sahaj Singh

On Thursday October 2nd, a good friend of mine, Sahaj Singh was stabbed nine times confronting an intruder in the garage of his home.  The assailant was attempting to gain access to his wife’s vehicle after his wife and two young children had returned home.  Sahaj Singh sustained nine knife wounds, including one that punctured […]