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Pictures and Family

Here are a few pictures from this past Sunday after Gurdwara.   Lastest picture of Our little happy family    Lakhmi Chand Singh Striking a pose

Mata ji’s 60th Birthday Family Slide Show

Last year I made a family slide show to celebrate my mother’s 60th Birthday. It shows pictures of her when she was just a little girl along with her brothers and parents. It then progresses to when she became a Sikh……then has a child (me)….and then becomes a grandmother (Narayan and charanjeet). Be sure to […]

Sikhi and Our Youth

In the past I have posted quite a few audio lectures from Gurdwara by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji which I thought were very inspirational and educational (and have shaped who I am today). This weekend has been a very thoughtful and pensive weekend for me. I was not feeling so well so stayed home […]

Still on Vacation in Florida…

Well I’m still here in Florida, however being in Orlando in the city is quite a different experience than being in Lake Wales Florida at the Winter Solstice Camp. This is probably the most crowded time to be in Orlando. We went out the other day to go to the mall and after hitting the […]

Birthday Video for Papa ji Sirivishnu Singh

Here is a video that I made in February of this year for my father’s 50th Birthday celebration (Siri Vishnu Singh Khalsa). For me this video was to celebrate his amazing presence, and of being such a great support to me personally and our family. Even though Siri Vishnu Singh isn’t my father by "blood" […]