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Man Jeetai Jagjeet – Conquer Your Mind & Conquer the World

This past week I have been thinking a lot about my recent blog posts which are on the topic of judgment and the mind. Then on Sunday I was looking through my videos at home and came across an old video tape of a class taught by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (Yogi Bhajan) during Summer […]

Espanola Happenings

Espanola, New Mexico is a small town so there is not very much to do compared with big cities. One of the nice things about having the sangat here is that it is very cozy and everyone gets together often. Throughout the year there is always something happening at someone’s house. It’s like a big […]

ABQ – ESP : Winter Solstice Ride Sharing?

Are you going to the Winter Solstice? Let’s pool our resources and ride-share!  Looking for a ride to/from the ABQ airport before and after Winter Solstice? Have a car and are willing to give someone a ride with you on your way to or from the airport? To let others know if you are looking […]

Sunrise Pictures in Espanola with Hari Bhajan & Sat Hari

This past Saturday morning after Sadhana myself, Hari Bhajan Kaur and Sat Hari Singh (Germany) walked up onto the top of one of the hills which is near the Gurdwara. Our purpose was to take some pictures which Sat Hari Singh could use in a German promotional booklet for his new CD called "Servant of […]

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