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The Singhnia (Sikh Women) of Guru Gobind Singh

During the Jaap Sahib course here in Espanola, New Mexico Shanti Kaur Khalsa taught an inspiring class titled "The Singhnia of Guru Gobind Singh". This was a 1.5 hour class which might be a bit long for you to watch at a stretch so I have taken this class and edited it into different portions […]

Inspiring and Informative Lecture on Being a Sikh

Here is yet another very inspiring lecture that we heard today in Gurdwara by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa. It really hit home for me in many ways and he touched upon so many great topics and areas. If you don’t normally listen to the lectures then definitely don’t miss this one. This lecture is from […]

Ritual or Ceremony?

This video began from a discussion about the Amrit Sanchar and became a discussion about the difference between a ritual and a ceremony.  In Sikhi we have ceremonies, not rituals. But a ceremony can become a ritual when no one understands the how and why of what is happening. Water is like a battery for […]

The Law of One Hundred Percent

Another inspiring Gurdwara lecture, from March 5th 1989, Los Angeles, California. [Audio:] Download – Read Lecture Transcript

What is Prayer?

In this video Guruka Singh shares his thoughts about the power of prayer, and reasons we why pray. Download: Audio / Video Related Video: The Science of Doing Ardas

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