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Akal and Deathlessness

Here another inspiring talk that we heard in Gurdwara on the topic of the Akal Takhat and Deathlessness by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa. From July 6th 1989.  [Audio:] Download

Tips for Effective Communication

In this video Guruka Singh answers a question about how we can communicate better and more effectively. Download Video

Mata Jito Ji and Guru Gobind Singh

Here is another one of the stories by Shanti Kaur Khalsa from the Jaap Sahib Course about Guru Gobind Singh ji’s wife Mata Jito Ji. Download: Audio / Video 

Where the Sun Sets

During the Jaap Sahib course here in Espanola earlier this month, Gurutej Singh (founder of Akal Security) started his class with a poem from his poetry book titled "Children of the Cusp". The book is a collection of poetry describing life on a spiritual path in this modern age, here in the west. The poems […]

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