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Taking Amrit & Commitment

Taking Amrit & Commitment

We received a number of questions from users on the topic of taking Amrit (Sikh "Baptism"). With this being a central part of the Sikh lifestyle it is no surprise that there are so many questions related to this topic. In this video Guruka Singh answers some of the questions we have received via email […]

Experiences Doing Nitnem Banis

Over the past years my practice of reciting the nitnem banis has been sporadic. It’s like any spiritual practice, it takes commitment and discipline to continue day in and day out. Sometimes I am on solid, and sometimes not. My challenge is to be stable all the time. In the past I had my daily […]

Honor the 300th Anniversary of Guru Gaddi

Honor the 300th Anniversary of Guru Gaddi by making a Pledge to deepen your own personal relationship with the Guru For so many people, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is deeply revered, but not always understood or meditated upon. This month, as our global Sikh Sangat remembers and celebrates the 300th anniversary of Guru Gaddi, […]