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Cold Shower Anyone?

Cold Shower Anyone?

It is now officially COLD here in Espanola, New Mexico! Earlier this week we got our first freeze at night and now my garden is looking pretty dead. Most of the plants froze so everything is wilted. It’s still fall time and beautiful seeing all the color changes with the yellow/orange leaves of the trees. […]

Winter “Cold Shower”

Forget about a regular cold shower, here is another way to do it in the winter for a real rush and good fun :) I was just visiting my brother in Phoenix, Arizona for a wedding and Narayan was really wanting to go into the swimming pool despite the cold water. Uncle Dharam made the […]

Ishnaan Therapy (Cold Shower)

"Go for it! When the cold water hits the surface of your skin (which has four layers) all the blood from way deep inside your body rushes to the surface in self-defense, vastly improving your circulation on the spot. This is called Hydrotherapy. It strengthens your entire nervous system. People pay huge sums of money […]