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NEW! Sikh Childrens Audio Stories Section

  Many of our SikhNet visitors have discussed with us and asked us, how can we give our values our virtues and our valor to our children? Why must we raise our children on Mickey Mouse and television cartoons? Soul Spirit and Reality – that’s what our children really want from us as parents. As […]

Beautiful Happy Children

[singlepic=47,420,340,,right] The past few weeks have been non-stop and exhausting, however this weekend was what I needed. I just relaxed and kept the force fields up around the computer to prevent the black hole from sucking me back into work on my precious weekend. Since it is Sunday and the day is just about over […]

Being a Teacher for your Children

While we are on the topic of Sikhi and Youth…there is always the issue of how as a parent we can teach and give our children an experience of Sikhi. How to give something that is more than history and facts, but something much deeper that they can experience for them self? I for one […]

Face Painting

Today was my day to help with the kids camp and I had a lot of fun doing all kinds of things with them. In the evening as we all were sitting around enjoying a nice hot cup of golden milk and listening to some jamming tunes at the "Yogi Tea Cafe", Narayan and I […]

Charanjeet Kaur – 15 months

Well, Narayan is older now (6 yrs) and won’t let me get picture of him that often, so all the pictures these days seem to only be of Charanjeet Kaur. Charanjeet is 15 months old and is running all over the place. She is a pretty smart kid and remembers lots of things. A few […]

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