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Wedding of Hari Mander Jot & Vanessa Bassett

Wedding of Hari Mander Jot & Vanessa Bassett

Most of you know Chardikala Jatha. You might not know each of them individually but Hari Mander Jot Singh who is one of the three musicians of Chardikala Jatha (and who plays rocking tabla and backup vocals) is getting married this weekend (may 24 2009)!! He is going to be the last of the three […]

SadaSat Simran Interview ChardiKalaa Jatha

SadaSat Simran Interview ChardiKalaa Jatha

Article by Karan from: Karan: I wanted to talk to you about the 4 aspects of a Sikh lifestyle:  Bana (outward projection/clothing), Bani (recitation), Simran(meditation) and Seva (selfless service).  I  know that as a musician and devoted Sikh, these play a major role in your life.  Can you share with each of these mean […]

Sant-Sipahi (Warrior-Saint)

Chardikala Jatha take turns talking about the Sant-Sipahi (Warrior-Saint) practice and philosophy in Sikhism. They talk about bana being our flag to be noticed as a Sant-Sipahi. Video excerpt from a class that they taught this past year (June 2008) at Summer Solstice in Espanola, New Mexico Download Video 

Gagan Damama Bhajio

Someone forwarded this audio track of Chardikala Jatha from their last visit to Singapore. Have a listen and download :) Direct to file system on mrsikhnet [Audio: gurbani/chardikala jatha/Chardikala Jatha – Gagan Damama Bhajio.mp3] Download GMC download with audio module – file path: [Audio:] GMC download with audio module – node path: [Audio:] GMC direct […]

Summer Solstice 2008 – Audio Recordings

Every year during the 3HO Summer Solstice Event in the mountains of Espanola, New Mexico many of us enjoy hearing beatiful kirtan by so many talented musicians from many different backgrounds. I was able to record some of it to share with you all. It has taken me some time to go through the audio […]

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