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The Best Morning Wakeup

Every morning Charanjeet wakes up around 6:30am and one of the first things she always wants (aside from oatmeal) is to see her brother Narayan. She just says it over and over…"Narayan…Narayan… Narayan". I then set her down next to Narayan who sleeps on the top bunk bed, and she strokes his hair saying softly…."Narayan" […]

Siblings of Destiny

Here are a few pictures from yesterday in the morning before Narayan went off to school. Arjan wanted to send out some cards to family with a picture of the kids so I took a quick picture as best I could. It’s a challenge taking pictures of kids. Once they are in the right place….the […]

Another Weekend

[photopress:IMG_0387_1.JPG,full,centered] Messy Face Charanjeet Kaur after having a snack of jam and cashew button on a rice cracker.

Espanola Happenings

Espanola, New Mexico is a small town so there is not very much to do compared with big cities. One of the nice things about having the sangat here is that it is very cozy and everyone gets together often. Throughout the year there is always something happening at someone’s house. It’s like a big […]

Charanjeet Kaur Talking

Last night I was writing about Charanjeet talking and saying different things and this morning she was at it again talking away. I sometimes try to record her with a video camera….but as soon as she sees the camera she wants it, and starts saying "Baby" because she likes to look at the pictures on […]

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