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Meditation with the kids

2009 plan to get the kids meditating. Started yesterday with daily morning sadhana of 11 repitition of the Mul mantra, then a 3 min meditation and then taking a hukam (reading the english translation). 11 minutes a day total for more calm and spiritual kids! It’s really nice seeing both the kids with their eyes […]

Family Fun During July 4 Holidays

A bunch of my family came into town so it was really nice being with everyone. Narayan loved having his cousins visit, who came all the way from Mexico (The REAL mexico….not "New Mexico") to visit and go to Khalsa Childrens Camp. Also my cousin Ananda and her son Badri visited and went to Women’s […]

Weekend Fun

Things are cooking up here in Espanola, New Mexico. Lots of people rolling in from out of town for the Summer Solstice camp and it’s starting to heat up! We had some good fun on Saturday with the kids celebrating Sat Kartar Kaur’s birthday and having lots of water fun. This is always such a […]

Pictures and Family

Here are a few pictures from this past Sunday after Gurdwara.   Lastest picture of Our little happy family    Lakhmi Chand Singh Striking a pose

Mata ji’s 60th Birthday Family Slide Show

Last year I made a family slide show to celebrate my mother’s 60th Birthday. It shows pictures of her when she was just a little girl along with her brothers and parents. It then progresses to when she became a Sikh……then has a child (me)….and then becomes a grandmother (Narayan and charanjeet). Be sure to […]

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