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My Khalsa Princess

My Khalsa Princess

Okay, I have to admit I love having a daughter, and like probably most fathers, I adore my beautiful Khalsa princess Charanjeet Kaur. Today she turned five years old (with my son turning 10 in a couple of months). It’s such a blessing to have children. They teach us so much. On one side it […]

Some more pictures and off to Florida…

Well, the time has come to take a bit of Rest and Relaxation (hopefully)! This is my time of the year to get a break from all the work at SikhNet and get away. Tommorow morning early me and Narayan are driving to the airport to go to the Winter Solstice Camp in Lake Wales, […]

Weekend Pictures

New Pictures

Just posted lots of new pictures, but too many to post here. Photos from the recent wedding, Halloween fun with the kids, and other stuff. You can check them out on my Flickr Photostream.

Beautiful Happy Children

[singlepic=47,420,340,,right] The past few weeks have been non-stop and exhausting, however this weekend was what I needed. I just relaxed and kept the force fields up around the computer to prevent the black hole from sucking me back into work on my precious weekend. Since it is Sunday and the day is just about over […]

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