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Simran – Remembering…

Simran – Remembering…

Most of us, when we think of Nam Simran think of "repeating God’s Name" out loud, either musically, or simply verbally we think…. "Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru…" but actually, that is Japa, not Simran. Japa is the audible repetion of Nam. In fact, the only command in the entire Siri Guru […]

The Physiological Effect of Reciting Gurbani

 Shakti Parwha Kaur and Sikh Dharma International have been working hard on a much needed book about Sikh Dharma. This book is to serve the need of the growing number of people (not from Indian origin) who want to get a better understanding about Sikhi. Last week alone I got four emails from people asking […]

Guru Gobind Singh and the Goldsmith

Jugat Guru Singh (Chardikala Jatha) tells the story of Guru Gobind Singh and the Goldsmith. Then he explains the moral of the story about the power of following the lifestyle Guru Gobind laid down for his Sikhs. Download