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Pictures and Family

Here are a few pictures from this past Sunday after Gurdwara.   Lastest picture of Our little happy family    Lakhmi Chand Singh Striking a pose

The Best Morning Wakeup

Every morning Charanjeet wakes up around 6:30am and one of the first things she always wants (aside from oatmeal) is to see her brother Narayan. She just says it over and over…"Narayan…Narayan… Narayan". I then set her down next to Narayan who sleeps on the top bunk bed, and she strokes his hair saying softly…."Narayan" […]

Love of Horses

More weekend pictures. This past week we got a lot of snow and for the first time this winter got really cold. On Saturday we went out to visit the horses. Arjan has a horse and loves riding. Horses are for her like computers are for me… :) One of the things that my wife […]