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Family Weekend Happenings

It’s been a while since I posted family pictures….so here a few from the past week or two. [photopress:IMG_4585.jpg,full,centered] [photopress:IMG_4589.jpg,full,centered] Having dinner outside as the sun is setting.

Family Pictures by my Friend Fiona

Earlier this summer a photographer friend named Fiona Aboud took some pictures of our family (in New York and in New Mexico). She is planning to create a book about Sikhs in North America and has been taking pictures in different places of Sikhs. You can see some of her photography and a few of […]

Summer Solstice Sadhana Camp 2007

Well Summer Solstice Sadhana Camp is over and like always it was an awesome experience! Me and my son Narayan, along with over 1500 people were at the camp. Narayan had so much fun and didn’t want to leave. He and his friends would roam wild most of the days having fun and enjoying the […]

Time off in New York

I’ve been in New York visiting with my family and having a chance to relax away from work. It’s nice having a break and getting away. Here are a few pictures from today as we played at the park and just took it easy. [photopress:IMG_2850.JPG,full,centered] Up close and personal with Charanjeet. If you look close […]

Weekend Fun…

[photopress:IMG_2791.JPG,full,centered] Charanjeet doing what babies love doing best. Here she is eating spaghetti noodles and then playing with the food. [photopress:IMG_2769.JPG,full,centered] Triple decker bus heading to the bedroom for sleep time. [photopress:IMG_2756.JPG,full,centered] [photopress:IMG_2753.JPG,full,centered] Amaji with the kids.. [photopress:IMG_2796.JPG,full,centered] Swinging fun… [photopress:IMG_2806.JPG,full,centered]

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