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Living Consciously in Marriage

Living Consciously in Marriage

Here is the latest video in our recent series on marriage and relationships with the couples "panel": Guruka Singh & Guruka Kaur (Elder generation representing) and Arjan Kaur & Gurumustuk Singh (younger generation).   In the video we talk about how you need to be aware and conscious of yourself, and that is actually the […]

Advice to Husbands and Wives

A while back Gurujot Singh did some interviews with various people who were visiting Espanola, New Mexico. One of the interview sessions was with Guru Kaur from England. In the first set of videos she shares advice from both the Man’s and Woman’s perspective in relation to being married and relating to each other. Message […]

Getting the Guru’s Advice

Here is another excerpt (story) from the upcoming book on Sikh Dharma by Shakti Parwha Kaur and Sikh Dharma International. Taking a Hukam – by Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa “Although Yogi Bhajan had assured me many times that it was not my fault, as a mother I felt terribly guilty and responsible for the way […]