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Update: January 2020

Siri Ved was successful in getting off of synthetic dopamine; however, Parkinson’s disease has continued to progressively curtail his movement. He can no longer walk or perform simple tasks on his own and requires full-time assistance, and thus recently moved to a nearby nursing home. His mental capacity has not been affected and his memory is sharp. Financial contributions from the link at the bottom of this page continue to go toward his care.
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Siri Ved Singh Khalsa has dedicated his life’s work to recording the live teachings of Yogi Bhajan (more than 4000 video recordings and approximately 8,000 lectures in all, including the audio tapes).  These recordings have been transcribed to form the basis for the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings, recently published online by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI).  For anyone unfamiliar with Siri Ved Singh’s work and its great impact, please watch the YouTube video on this page.

Here is Siri Ved Singh’s story, in his own words:

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in December 1998.  Since that time I have continued (with the help of others) to duplicate and distribute the recordings of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. I’ve done my best to keep details of my Parkinson’s condition to myself, and to keep a good public image.  However, over the past several years my ability to walk has become even more impaired and my difficulties have become increasingly obvious. 

Now I am asking for your help . . .

Parkinson’s is a neurological disorder caused by a brain deficiency of a chemical called dopamine.  The primary symptoms are bodily tremors and stiffness.  Attempts to manage the tremors by control and force of personal will, can be counterproductive.  So the real key involves getting into, and maintaining, a deep state of “non-effort, ease, and relaxation.”  But because the disorder has a chemical, metabolic basis, deep relaxation also becomes elusive and difficult for me to gain and sustain.  I need extra support to do this.

Coping with Parkinson’s the Conventional Way

To deal with my symptoms, I take a prescription form of synthetic dopamine.  On a practical level this medication temporarily reduces my tremors, but it also subjects me to really nasty and painful side effects.  Also, because the side effects are so stressful and severe they seem to cancel out much of the good benefit from the more costly complementary treatments that I also receive on a weekly basis. On top of that, the medication also causes swelling in my feet and legs and probably has much to do with my walking difficulties.

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Symptom Based Drug Treatment & Side Effects

Several days each week I stop taking the medication. This allows my metabolism and nervous system some opportunity to recover.  During this time of recovery the tremors become much more severe, similar to a classic withdrawal process.

There is a Better Way — and Why It’s Better

With sufficient funds I would be able to receive a complete program of alternative treatments.  I could reach a point where the tremors would be significantly reduced.  Such a reduction would allow me to change over to one of several natural (non-synthetic) sources of dopamine, eliminating the extreme side effects I’m now experiencing.

Over time I’ve received great benefit from the following complementary therapy treatments:

Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Ayurveda, Chiropractic, “Life Vessel, Sound-Healing Bed” Therapy, Physical Therapy, Massage, L-Glutathion IV Infusions, Nutritional Supplements, Sat Nam Rasayan and Reiki Energy Healing.

Ideally, by receiving all of these therapies in sufficient amounts over the course of each month, I would be able to transition away from the synthetic, chemical dopamine.  Overall this would offer me a vastly improved quality of life.

These Alternative Treatments Are Much More Expensive than Medication

Chiropractic is the only one of these treatments that is covered by insurance (Medicare).  Aside from the cost of all the complementary therapies, I pay a driver $500 per month to provide transportation to my appointments (most are over 25 miles away, in Santa Fe).  I also need to pay $400 per month for a caregiver in my home.  Sat Nam Rasayan and energy touch sessions are offered by members of my community in Espanola without charge.  The total cost for all of these beneficial services is $3700 per month.

What I Can Provide for Myself, and the Shortage of Fixed Income

I’m able to pay $1000 per month from my salary,  and $1000 per month from my social security benefits.  This leaves a monthly shortfall of approximately $1700.  This monthly shortfall of $1700 is what I hope to meet by the generosity of those of you in my yogic and spiritual family, and Khalsa community.

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 What You Can Do If You Are So Inclined
Sirived1A few years ago I was able to raise $2600 from modest contributions without too much effort. From this I realized that I don’t need to suffer in silence, and that there are many people who really do want to help.  This is my simple hope and request to all of you as my family:  that you might give a modest amount, ideally on a recurring monthly basis.  This would be an amount that you would not miss from your own budget.  I would greatly appreciate whatever can be given, as without that help I will not be able to proceed with the treatments I need.

My healing process has turned out to be much more extensive than originally anticipated.  However, Yogi Bhajan once said very explicitly that everything is going to work out and I am going to be fine!

How To Do It

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Siri Ved Singh Khalsa
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Thank you for reading this appeal and for considering a response.  You have my deepest gratitude.  May Guru Ram Das bless you and keep you forever.

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