Jaap Sahib – A Five Day Camp (Espanola, NM.)

Many of you might be thinking about what to do this summer. Well, I wanted to let you know of an exciting SikhNet event which is happening right here in Espanola, New Mexico (SikhNet Headquarters)! From August 4th – 9th 2007 we are holding the second annual seminar on "Jaap Sahib – the Song of […]

Mangala Charan (of Jaap Sahib) CD

Earlier in June my mother taught a workshop at the  awesome Jaap Sahib Course which was held here in Espanola, New Mexico. Her workshop topic was to discuss and meditate on a part of Jaap Sahib which is called the "Mangala Charan". In preparation for the course she created a nice up-beat new Audio track (and […]

Jaap Sahib and Stories

A little over two days have passed since we started the Jaap Sahib course and I feel like I am in another world! It feels like ages have passed but I know it has only been about 2.5 days. The days are packed from early morning till late into the night so we keep really busy. […]

Musical Jaap Sahib

Ok, I’m a music/Gurbani lover, I have to admit it, so I’m always on the lookout for unusual recordings and different musical styles. The past few days many of us here in Espanola and visitors from all over the world have been embarking on a Journey exploring the Jaap Sahib bani during this 4 day experiential course. […]

Participants of the Jaap Sahib Class

Picture of some of the participants from the Jaap Sahib course.

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