Working Together – Finding the Leader In You

The past year and a half, our local non-profit organizations (Sikh Dharma, SikhNet, 3HO, IKYTA, KRI, etc, etc) have been meeting on a regular basis as a whole, to unify our goals and leadership. In the past everyone seemed to work in their own little “box”, and as a result we did not know what […]

Song of the Khalsa

Tonight I wanted to share a story which was written by Shanti Kaur (of Espanola) about one particular day at the end of the Vishav Sikh Samelan in Amritsar. It relates to the song “Song of the Khalsa” written by M.S.S Livtar Singh Khalsa. This is an inspirational song which we sing during every Gurdwara […]

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