Gurumustuk Singh – 1979 (4 Years old)

Here is a picture of me (1979). It looks like I am squeezing out a smile. The more of these pictures I see of myself when I was this age, the more it reminds me of Narayan and how he looks now. Narayan does look mostly like his mother Arjan, but there is some of […]

Flashback Pictures from 1979 in Amritsar

While I was visiting my mother in New York I found some old photo albums of pictures from my first visit to India. Now that I am older I really appreciate seeing these. For me they are historical because this was the early days when people from the West (America) were starting to become Sikhs […]

1979 in Amritsar

This is a picture of myself (in the middle) and two other Sikh kids holding swords. This was before or after a gatka presentation. I distinctly remember all the weapons and one Sikh spinning a Chakar; but back then they had real metal blades on the end (not the wooden balls). I have some pictures […]

The Blessing of Receiving Guru’s Amrit

About a month ago I had a transformational experience of receiving the Guru’s Amrit at the end of the Summer Solstice Camp. The reason you have not seen me write anything about it here earlier is that I felt it was a very personal thing for me and that by showcasing it online it might […]

Happy Birthday Mataji! (Sat Kirin Kaur)

Today is my mother’s birthday! A beautiful and joyous day. I have my mother to thank for all her efforts throughout my life, giving me so much love and support. The values and lessons that a parent teaches are really important, and I was fortunate to have a great mother to teach me. If you […]

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