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Summer Solstice 2008 – Audio Recordings

Every year during the 3HO Summer Solstice Event in the mountains of Espanola, New Mexico many of us enjoy hearing beatiful kirtan by so many talented musicians from many different backgrounds. I was able to record some of it to share with you all. It has taken me some time to go through the audio […]

Marijuana and Nihangs

Most Sikhs have heard of Nihangs and their usage of marijuana/sukha/bang/etc. But most don’t know why, and that in the pure tradition of the Nihangs this plant was a tool in the warrior tradition of the Sikhs. Many just hear about Nihangs using it and think that they are abusing this drug. During last years […]

Sri Dasam Granth and Guru Gobind Singh

I know this topic is never short of arguments and debate but here are a few short interesting videos from the Jaap Sahib course here in Espanola, New Mexico. These (4) videos are excerpts from on class during a talk about the Dasam Granth and Writings of Guru Gobind Singh. In the videos Jugat Guru […]

ChardiKala Jetha & Senior Class 2007 of Miri Piri Academy Amritsar to visit Sydney, Australia

Those of you who are in Australia, Chardikala Jatha and the Senior class of Miri Piri Academy are going to be in Austalia at the end of December!  View The Full Details Gurdwara Kirtan Darbar Parklea Gurdwara: Sunday 23-Dec 10am Austral Gurdwara: Monday 24-Dec 6pm Revesby Gurdwara: Tuesday 25-Dec 6pm Parklea Gurdwara: Wednesday 26-Dec 6pm […]

Guru Gobind Singh and the Goldsmith

Jugat Guru Singh (Chardikala Jatha) tells the story of Guru Gobind Singh and the Goldsmith. Then he explains the moral of the story about the power of following the lifestyle Guru Gobind laid down for his Sikhs. Download 

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