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India to launch cow urine as soft drink

Welcome to your new vending machine… Ok, when I heard this headline in the news from Guruka Singh I was sure it was some type of bogus joke story. But apparently this is the real thing. It is so bizarre the I couldn’t help but post it for you all to read. I’ve heard of […]

Even the British Wore Kacheray

   Does this not look like a kachera?  See the news article about Queen Victoria’s underwear…

Sikhnet Film Festival Chinese Promo

The tragic story of a son who failed horribly at Last Year’s Sikhnet Film Festival, but now realizes he can record another film, for this year’s Sikhnet Youth Online Film Festival. Thanks to Guruka Singh for the humorous video idea and script! Please forward the video to all your friends and make a video for […]

The Summer Solstice Parade

Well, not really a parade. Maybe just in my own imaginary world…..Hahahaha At Summer Solstice Camp I stayed in a large tent with my son Narayan on one side and my parents on the other side. Some friends mad jokes that it was a "Maharaja tent", though it was actually smaller in size than other […]

The Turbanizer – No Fabric Required…

Ok, it’s just about friday so now for a bit of fun. Last year myself and Ashvinder Singh were brainstorming ideas for an all new RateMyTurban website where you could purchase stylish turban fabrics for all kinds of festive occasions (or for every day use too!). The idea was to promote the regalness of the […]

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