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Journalist or Participant

Journalist or Participant

With my role at SikhNet I often find myself spending a lot of time capturing events through pictures, stories, videos and music. The goal is to share things that might inspire you and others. However, I find that sometimes this is at the cost of not really experiencing the event for myself. Either you are […]

New Music from Snatam Kaur

I am starting to go through some of the saved recordings from Gurdwara over the past many months and will try to post them in the coming days/weeks.  A week or so ago Snatam Kaur was back in action singing in Gurdwara with her little beautiful baby girl. She played Kirtan for about an hour […]

A Different Kind of Day

Today was a different day than the norm here in Espanola, New Mexico. We woke up to beautiful white covered ground and snow falling from the sky. It’s always so magical when the snow comes down and covers everything. The kids jumped out of bed and wanted to go out and play in the winter […]

New Pictures

Just posted lots of new pictures, but too many to post here. Photos from the recent wedding, Halloween fun with the kids, and other stuff. You can check them out on my Flickr Photostream.

Dharma and Meher’s Wedding

Yesterday my friend Dharma Kaur got married to Meher Singh here in Espanola, New Mexico. As always, it was a joyous occation! So many of my old friends from school that I hadn’t seen in years were here so it was also like a mini re-union or sorts. Here is a video with some of […]

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